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Robotic Row Hemming Brunswick, OH
Robotic Hemming

Sheet Metal Welding Service Brunswick, OH
Major Class A Sheet Metal Component Assembly

robotic welding Brunswick, OH
Laser Cutting, welding and resistance welding capabilities

Welding Brunswick, OH - MIG, TIG & Resistance - Robotic Hemming

Electro Prime Group LLC is a TS16949 registered provider of Robotic Row Hemming, MIG, TIG, and Resistance Welding that services Brunswick, OH .  The Electro Prime Group Assembly Division serves both OEM and after-market customers with everything from simple weld nut applications to full Class A assemblies. Our unique approach to manufacturing is cost effective for both high and low volume production. We currently have 8 flexible weld and assembly cells enabling our assembly division to produce over 700 different parts for the automotive industry. 

When you are considering “make or buy” decisions, or if you would like to use your space for something else, please consider Electro Prime. We are TS16949 certified and are pre-approved suppliers to several automotive customers. 

Electro Prime can help you save money and reduce supply chain complexity. Take a look at some of our assembly capabilities:

  • Laser Cutting
  • Robotic Welding & Hemming
  • All types of welding
  • Riveting
  • Fastener Assembly
  • Mastic and Deadener Applications
  • Labeling
  • Packaging

Other ways Electro Prime can help:

Our Location:
Electro Prime's facilities are conveniently located on the I-75 corridor in Toledo, OH. This helps us provide fast & cost-effective powder coating to customers in Brunswick, OH

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