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Electro Prime Group LLC is a TS16949 registered provider of powder coating that services Carmel, IN .  We powder coat millions of parts each and every month for a wide array of customers including GM, Chrysler, Magna, Midway.  Electro Prime's eight-stage pretreatment and state-of-the-art powder coat process deliver uniform coverage, excellent surface profiles and high adhesion.

We powder coat a wide variety of metals, including galvanized and galvanealed steel, aluminum and zinc die cast parts and assemblies.  Our powder coat process accommodates parts as small as pins and as large as an eight foot pick up truck box.

Best of all, Electro Prime can help you save money and reduce supply chain complexity.  Be sure to ask about our secondary operations, ship-direct capabilities, and other value-added operations.

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Electro Prime's facilities are conveniently located on the I-75 corridor in Toledo, OH. This helps us provide fast & cost-effective powder coating to customers in Carmel, IN

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