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     Electro Prime serves both OEM and after-market customers with everything from simple weld nut applications to full Class A assemblies.

Robotic Hemming, rework
Robotic hemming


Electro Prime will design and build specialty tooling, soft or hard, and has certified capabilities in all types of welding, riveting, fastener assembly, mastic and deadener applications, Velcro / felt / foam applications and labeling and special packaging.

     Electro Prime will work with you on engineering sheet metal assembly applications that enhance your competitive position.

     Electro Prime will dedicate the resources you need.

Spot, MIG, Resistance & Robotic Welding

Laser Cutting, Automotive Supplier  - Ohio Michigan Indiana

        Major Class A
        sheet Metal
        component assembly
Laser Cutting,  welding and resistance welding capabilities


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